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Automotive Functional Coatings for Brake Systems
Richard Lynch is the Industry Manager for Automotive Brake and Suspension Systems at Enthone. Richards 25year career in functional coatings spans a variety of roles from technical specialist to senior ...

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  • Evaluating the impact of chemical waste: How safety and the bottom line can both benefit
    This paper demonstrates that it is possible to reduce chemical costs by identifying and limiting the wastes found in dispensing, storage and application. Reducing these hidden costs will also improve productivity and health and safety in the workplace.
  • Waste & Hazard Walk Workbook
    The Waste & Hazard Walk is a systematic facility tour which looks for ways to improve productivity and safety, with a specific focus on industrial supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE). This free download outlines how your company could benefit from a Waste & Hazard Walk.
  • Measuring Hardness and More Through Nanoindentation
    New developments in coating and surface treatment technology has seen nanoindentation gain wider acceptance. Combination of ISO and ASTM standards for nanoindentation and availability of off-the-shelf options from different vendors has also contributed to adoption of this technique in many industries. Given the limitations of traditional hardness testing techniques, nanoindentation testers are viewed as tools that can give a better understanding of the interactions between surfaces or against abrasive elements. The wealth of information about the mechanical properties derived from a nanoindentation test defines the true strength of a material.
  • Anodizing With One Universal Electrolyte Using Pulse-Step-Ramp and Run Procedures
    Anodizing guru Fred Schaedel shares some of his trade secrets.
  • FABTECH 2013: Inside CCAI's Finishing Pavilion and Conference
    The Chemical Coaters Association International's Finishing Pavilion and Conference at FABTECH is being billed as the premier event for industrial finishers.
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