The Trouble With Plating Baths

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Matt Stauffer, director of technical service at PAVCO, offers valuable tips and advice on matters related to common plating bath problems.

In this Q&A, Matt Stauffer tackles issues such as:

  • Excess sulphate in chrome tanks
  • High nickel content in bright nickel baths
  • Blistering problems when working with semi-bright nickel
  • Temperature controls in alkaline-free cyanide zinc plating baths
  • Preventing oxidation post nickel plating

In addition to his role at PAVCO, Matt Stauffer is one of Metal Finishing magazine's resident plating Experts. He has 23 years of experience in metal finishing research and development, and technical service. Stauffer also has research experience in zinc alloys and high corrosion-resistant finishing systems in addition to extensive formulation experience in antimicrobial electrodeposited coatings, bright nickel, trivalent chrome, acid copper, and cleaning chemistries.

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