The Right Surface Preparation for Electronic Components

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As a knowledgeable metal finisher who understands the potential detrimental effects of both ionic and non-ionic residue, you can be the solution, not the source of the problem. Metal finishers who supply parts to electronic assemblers can be good partners by recognizing the importance of adequate contaminant removal.

The world of electronics assemblies is changing; surface quality and critical cleaning requirements are evolving. As a savvy metal finisher, this provides you with a great opportunity to supply a better product and help solve urgent problems of your electronics assembler customers.

Both ionic and non-ionic residue from metal finishing processes can migrate to the circuit assembly. However, electronics assemblers are concerned almost exclusively with ionic residues because ionics can lead to undesirable conductive pathways. As a metal finisher who is presumably involved with many end-use applications, you probably have experience with aspects of critical cleaning and surface quality that your customers might not. This understanding can translate to a competitive advantage for your components and connectors.

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