The Right Start to a Perfect Finish — Basic Concepts and Considerations for Rack Design

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Historically, metal finishing racks have come a long way in their design. The crudest form of racking is simply a wire twisted onto the part. With the production and quality requirements of today, an expensive piece of copper wire will not suffice. The parts must be presented to the anodes with consistency to ensure visual and measurable quality requirements. For decorative automotive finishes of today, parts require custom racking. In this paper, I will review some basic concepts for rack design and maintenance.

The most important aspect of any rack is the design. Without the proper design, one cannot expect to obtain the optimal productivity that the process is capable of achieving.

There are many factors that come into play when designing and building racks. In this paper I will discuss:

  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Dimensional Restrictions
  • Weight Restrictions
  • Part Presentation and Spacing
  • Rack Material
  • Manufacturing Techniques
  • Optimized Designs
  • Selecting a Supplier

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