'Old Fashioned' Fundamentals Keep Them Coming Back to 'New' Method Plating

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Worcester, Mass.-based New Method Plating, which is entering its third generation of family ownership, balances tradition with a changing manufacturing landscape.

Much has changed since 1931, when Ralph Capalbo, Sr., founded New Method Plating & Enameling Company in the basement of his parents’ home in Worcester, Mass. For one, many of the advanced pretreatment and plating chemistries and additives widely in abundance today had not been developed; sophisticated computer-controlled finishing systems were fantasy (heck, televisions were not even mass produced at the time!); and environmental controls were light years away from the modern, progressive systems in operation today.

At the same time, many of the principles, strategies and philosophies that propelled New Method Plating Company in its infancy more than 80 years ago (hard work, investment, innovation and ingenuity, to name a few) are still applicable today despite all the dramatic changes witnessed in both manufacturing and in business in general. It’s a legacy that’s particularly relevant as the company steadily transitions to a third generation of family management. 

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