A Novel Electrolyte for the High-Speed Electrodeposition of Bright Pure Tin at Elevated Temperatures

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SOLDERONTM BHT-350 bright pure tin, a newly developed electroplating process, is presented. The most notable characteristic of this MSA-based electrolyte is its capability to be operated at temperatures up to 50°C.

A new tin electroplating process capable of producing fully bright, pure tin deposits from an electrolyte operated at temperatures of up to 50°C has been developed. Unlike conventional bright tin deposits, the tin deposit from the new process has an increased grain size and low carbon content. In addition, the deposit demonstrates excellent ductility, solderability, and low tendency for whisker growth.

Production trials conducted by various industries have proven that the new pure tin deposit is suitable for connector applications, as well as for corrosion protection and decorative uses. In this article, the characteristics of the tin electrolyte and the bright tin deposit are described.

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