Electronics News for January 2010

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U.S. Industrial Production Inches Upward in December U.S. Industrial Production Inches Upward in December

A long spell of unseasonably cold weather pushed industrial production up 0.6% in December. This is slightly off from November, when industrial production showed a 0.9% uptick.

2010 Manufacturing Outlook: Slow & Steady

As manufacturing goes, so goes metal finishing—that’s a given. What remains somewhat of a mystery, though, is forecasting the precise point in 2010 when we can expect manufacturing employment and output to return to more respectable levels.

Electronics Report Shows Printed Circuit Board Shipments Fell in November

The Association Connecting Electronic Industries, or IPC, recently announced that rigid PCB shipments declined 11.3% and bookings were down 4.1% in November 2009 from November 2008. Year to date, rigid PCB shipments were down 24.8% and bookings fell by 21.3%.