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New England Manufacturers Buck the National Trend New England Manufacturers Buck the National Trend

Many manufacturing entities in the New England region of the U.S. have been able to largely withstand the recessionary onslaught that has devastated other sectors of the country, particularly the Midwest. In fact, newly released figures show industrial facilities are growing, not shrinking.

Chemical Suppliers, Paint Manufacturers Report First-Quarter Earnings

Deterioration in the global economy resulted in soft first-quarter earnings numbers due to lower demand in many of the end-use markets serviced by major paint manufacturers and chemical suppliers. Suppliers are hopeful that the second quarter earnings will be much improved as customers seek to replenish inventories.

Optimum Anode Technologies Enters the Arena

Optimum Anode Technologies, a newly formed business affiliate of Titan Metal Fabricators, has hit the ground running with a full complement of dimensionally stable anode coatings designed to meet or exceed the technical and operational needs of customers in a number of industries, including biotechnology, cathodic protection, chemical process, electronics, metal finishing, water and wastewater treatment, and specialty applications.

DOD Forcing the Hex-Chrome Alternative Issue

According to, the Pentagon's acquisition chief has signed off on a memo essentially forcing the military to use substitutes in place of hexavalent chromium, an anti-corrosive, in new weapon systems and processes as well as in operation and maintenance activities. The move goes a step further than the traditional process where substitutes are recommended but not required.

Obituary: Stephen Candiloro, Sr., Plating Industrial Giant Obituary: Stephen Candiloro, Sr., Plating Industrial Giant

Stephen Candiloro, Sr., one of the plating industry’s technical giants, suffered a fatal heart attack on Feb. 6. He was 77. During the latter half of his 60-year career in plating, Candiloro was the technical heart of the team that propelled Epner Technology, Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y., into its second century as one of the world’s leading high-tech contract electroplaters.

Dow Completes Acquisition of Rohm & Haas

On April 1 the Dow Chemical Company announced the completion of its acquisition of Rohm and Haas. The acquisition is a major step in Dow’s strategy of growing its performance products and specialty portfolio to deliver more consistent earnings growth.