Defense & Military News for April 2009

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DOD Forcing the Hex-Chrome Alternative Issue

According to, the Pentagon's acquisition chief has signed off on a memo essentially forcing the military to use substitutes in place of hexavalent chromium, an anti-corrosive, in new weapon systems and processes as well as in operation and maintenance activities. The move goes a step further than the traditional process where substitutes are recommended but not required.

Obituary: Stephen Candiloro, Sr., Plating Industrial Giant Obituary: Stephen Candiloro, Sr., Plating Industrial Giant

Stephen Candiloro, Sr., one of the plating industry’s technical giants, suffered a fatal heart attack on Feb. 6. He was 77. During the latter half of his 60-year career in plating, Candiloro was the technical heart of the team that propelled Epner Technology, Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y., into its second century as one of the world’s leading high-tech contract electroplaters.