Environmental & Regulatory Compliance News for March 2008

Environmental & Regulatory Compliance News Archive

DoD Sees Major Impacts from the European Union’s New Chemical Regulations

A top Defense Department official says the European Union's (EU) broad chemical regulatory system could have major "indirect" impacts on the Defense Department, including limiting supplies and increasing costs of some materials, although the department will likely be able to comply with the system's direct requirements, such as measures requiring substitution of harmful chemicals. This news comes from a Defense Department alert released earlier this week.

The Policy Group to Submit Proposal on Pending USEPA Plating & Polishing Rule

The Policy Group, the educational and advocacy arm of the National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF), next week expects to submit a proposal to the EPA regarding the pending USEPA "Plating and Polishing Rule." According to Christian Richter, one of the Policy Group's principals, the EPA rule would essentially impose new requirements on non-chromium plating processes.