Environmental & Regulatory Compliance News for September 2013

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International Surface Finishing Academy to Hold One-Day Technical Sessions in Monterrey, Mexico

Sessions to cover a host of topics, including: pretreatment, alkaline zinc plating, chromate conversion coatings & passivates, principles & practices of wastewater treatment, equipment purchasing and much more.

EPA Administrator McCarthy Urges State TSCA Reform Push

EPA Administrator aims to address chemical safety, particularly in emergencies, while seeking to improve infrastructure of how agency regulates chemicals.

EPA Seeks Rehearing Of Ruling Backing Five-Year Limit On Filing 'New Source Review' Suits

The Department of Justice, in a Sept. 3 filing on EPA's behalf, calls the panel's July 8 ruling a "flawed interpretation" of the air law's prevention of significant deterioration and new source review permit program.

States Applaud EPA Plan to Review Dated Effluent Standards

Review will allow states to reconcile regulatory standards with the new technologies.