AESF Electroplating and Surface Finishing CEF Course Comes to Southern California

Comprehensive AESF finishing program to cover 22 subjects in four days.

The AESF Foundation is pleased to offer this course in Southern California from Nov. 1-4, with the optional exam being held on Nov. 5. (City to be determined). A more advanced study of surface finishing and its technologies, this course covers 22 subjects in four days of instruction. While it is not necessary to take any AESF course to be eligible to sit for the respective exam that could lead you to becoming a Master Surface Finisher (MSF), this course covers electroplating and surface finishing, which is one of the required subject areas for obtaining MSF certification.

This course targets plating shop personnel and representatives of suppliers who want a more thorough understanding of finishing processes. Those who would benefit from the introduction course to electroplating and surface finishing would gain from this course as well, as would managers, QC personnel, researchers and chemists. Take just Part 1 on the first two days, Part two on the last two days, or take both. This gives you the freedom to access your education at your own pace. The schedule is as follows:

Day 1

  • Chapter 1 - Basic Chemistry for Electroplaters
  • Chapter 2 - Basics in Electricity for Electroplaters
  • Chapter 3 - Electrochemistry for the Surface Finisher
  • Chapter 4 - Barrel, Rack, and other Plating Technologies
  • Chapter 5 - Part Fabrication and Treatment
  • Chapter 23 - Basic Math for Electroplaters
  • Day 1 Review and Homework

Day 2

  • Chapter 6 - Metallic Corrosion
  • Chapter 7 - Use of Hull Cell and Other Plating Cells to Test Solutions
  • Chapter 8 - Optimizing Rinsing to Minimize Water Usage
  • Chapter 9 - Filtration, Agitation, and Purification of Surface Finishing Solutions
  • Chapter 10 - Testing and Evaluation of Deposits
  • Chapter 11 - Preparing Metals for Plating
  • Day 2 Review and Homework

Day 3

  • Chapter 12 - Zinc Plating
  • Chapter 13 - Chromates, Phosphates and Black Oxides
  • Chapter 14 - Copper Plating
  • Chapter 15 - Decorative Nickel Plating
  • Chapter 16 - Decorative Chrome Plating
  • Chapter 17 - Commonly Plated Alloys
  • Day 3 Review and Homework

Day 4

  • Chapter 18 - Precious Metals Plating, Part 1
  • Chapter 19 - Precious Metals Plating, Part 2
  • Chapter 20 - An Overview of Electroless Nickel Plating
  • Chapter 21 - Cadium Electroplating
  • Chapter 22 - Anodizing Light Metals
  • Day 4 Review and Homework

Day 5 - Exam

Potential registrants may download the sign-up form online.

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