Coventya Completes Integration, Consolidation

Coventya, Inc., is pleased to announce the completion of the integration and consolidation of its Oriskany, N.Y., electroless nickel manufacturing production to its Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, facility.

"This significant capital investment into Coventya's world-class production facility expands throughput, but more importantly enhances our ability to continue manufacturing high-quality electroless-nickel components that our customers and industry have relied on for success," said Coventya in a press release. "Additionally, the improved manufacturing capabilities provided offer better efficiencies, higher levels of safety, lower freight costs and improved delivery times for customers." 

The statement continued: "This move also keeps our Oriskany, N.Y., facility focused as the Coventya Global R&D center of excellence for electroless nickel and data storage technologies. Our electroless-nickel technical service and customer service departments will also continue to support our business from this location." 

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