Fanta/Napco/Udylite Acquires New Holland Spin Dryer Product Line

Distribution networks for the dryers will remain intact.

Fanta/Napco/Udylite has acquired the product line of New Holland Spin Dryers from CNH America. All manufacturing of the centrifugal dryers and replacement parts has moved from New Holland, Pa., to Fanta/Napco/Udylite in Cleveland, Ohio, and production is now under way. Distribution networks for the dryers will remain intact.

The New Holland Dryer product series includes Model K-11 Table Top Dryer, Model K-24 12x12 Dryer, Model K-90 18 x 18 Dryer, and Model K-94 Dryer for high-volume finishing and machine shops.

“This is a natural fit for us," said Frank Fanta, president of Fanta/Napco/Udylite. "New Holland has a 50-year reputation for manufacturing quality equipment, and we are merging that tradition of excellence with our own.”

New Holland Spin Dryers produce spot-free, moisture-free parts in bulk quantities, usually in less than 60 seconds. Centrifugal force from the spinning action of the basket "throws off" excess water, oils, or other liquids. At the same time, a turbine fan mounted below the basket creates a powerful suction that pulls heated air through the parts load for added drying power. This double-drying action assures fast drying and reduces the scarring and marring frequently responsible for costly rejects.

The following options are available for models K-24, K-90, and K-94:

  • Soft Start provides a smooth, stepless, reduced-voltage acceleration of the parts load to minimize scarring and scratching of delicate parts. 
  • Variable speed permits reduced-speed operation to minimize damage to sensitive parts. 
  • Timer assists the operator in controlling the time of the complete drying cycle. 
  • Temperature control maintains heating within a controlled range for parts that are sensitive to excess heating.

Fanta Equipment is a leading fabricator of metal finishing equipment in North America. For more information, contact Fanta Equipment Company, 652 Storer Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102, 216-281-1515, or visit or

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