COVENTYA Broadens Presence in Asia

COVENTYA India Surface Treatment Technologies, Pvt Ltd. is created to service a growing Indian customer base.

COVENTYA, a global leader in specialty chemicals for the electroplating and surface treatment industry, is very pleased to announce the opening of COVENTYA India.

Strategically located in Pune, the heart of India, COVENTYA India Surface Treatment Technologies, Pvt Ltd. is led by Managing Director Chandrashekhar Marathe, an industry expert active in the Indian market for many years. His knowledgeable and respected team joined from previous licensee Chemetall-Rai India Ltd and will continue to bring COVENTYA products to the company's growing Indian customer base.

India continues to outpace nearly all other developed countries in the world. (Anticipated economic growth in India is close to 8% over the next 10-15 years and they are expected to become the third-largest economy in the world sometime by 2014.) The past 25 years have shown that market-lead success rather than state-induced initiatives are more effective in creating entrepreneurs, consumers and a true middle class.

For more information, please visit COVENTYA online.

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