Aluminum Anodizers Council to Conduct Anodizing Essentials Workshop in Italy

Course to be held in conjunction with the 8th Aluminium Two Thousand International Congress in Milano, Italy, set for May 14-18, 2013.

The Anodizing Essentials Workshop is a one-day program that teaches the fundamentals and the foundation of quality anodizing. This basic course explains how to anodize aluminum properly and was developed by anodizing professionals for anodizing professionals.

With an emphasis on quality, the program takes the learner through the entire process – beginning with the metallurgical properties of aluminum alloys commonly anodized, right through to the final rinse and sealing processes. This course is ideal for those who may be new to working the anodizing line, as well as those who oversee the process or who may simply want a refresher – a reminder of best practices.

More details and information about the Anodizing Essentials Workshop is available online.

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