BASF Rolls Out Rotor Blade Refinishing System for the UK Market

Technology designed to increase the life and efficiency of wind turbines.

BASF has developed a refinishing system for rotor blades and is marketing it in the United Kingdom via the supplier Pexa. The RELEST® Wind RepKit improves the production and maintenance of the wind turbines in the growing British market. BASF introduced the RELEST Wind RepKit in Germany and other countries in 2012.


“The construction of wind turbines will rapidly increase in the next 10 years in the United Kingdom,” said Jim Rowbotham, managing director of Pexa. “With BASF’s RELEST Wind RepKit, we are putting a product on the market that substantially extends the service life, which in turn contributes to efficiency.”


The wear and tear on a rotor blade and on the paint applied to it is extreme. For instance, at a height of about 90 meters, raindrops turn into tiny bullets. At top speeds topping 300 kilometers per hour, the blade tips may bend by more than one meter under the incredible forces. These high demands can cause damage during the wind turbine’s life cycle that impairs its performance. With the RELEST Wind RepKit, this damage can be repaired, boosting the turbine’s efficiency. The system was designed for stationary use on the ground or on the turbine itself. Damage sustained during production can also be repaired immediately. All of the required paints and accessories are included in the easy-to-use system. A Wind RepKit training course conveys the theory and practice of rotor blade refinishing.


“A wind turbine whose rotor blades are not moving is not profitable," notes Uwe Pinzer, who directs sales for wind coatings at BASF. "With the system, we are helping the turbines attain a service life of up to 20 years. With Pexa, we have now found an ideal partner that uses its network of distributors and existing structures to serve the growing British market with our innovation.”

BASF offers a complete portfolio of coating technologies for wind turbines, from the turbine base to the edge of the rotor blade. The products stand out for their excellent weathering and corrosion resistance, superior elongation and tensile strength, as well as their highly efficient applicability. In the Coatings Division, BASF develops, produces and markets a high-quality range of innovative automotive OEM coatings, automotive refinishes and industrial coatings as well as decorative paints. BASF has significant market positions in the Coatings sector in Europe, North America, South America and the Asia Pacific region.

Pexa, located in West Yorkshire, England, specializes in marketing surface technologies and other high-tech products.




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