Enthone and Volkswagen Host Automotive Technology Seminar in Shanghai, China

Emphasis on zinc-nickel systems for brake calipers and fasteners; VW requirements presented.

[HONG KONG, June 27, 2013]  Enthone and Volkswagen (VW) recently hosted an automotive technology seminar in Shanghai, China. The seminar’s focus on zinc-nickel plating systems specially formulated for brake calipers, fasteners and other automotive components, as well as best practices to meet OEM specification requirements, drew over forty leading tier suppliers to the full day session.

Ms. Zhang Juxiang, Labor Surface Technology Manager, Shanghai Volkswagen, was the featured speaker. Ms. Zhang presented an overview of VW’s specifications and detailed the benefits of using a specified corrosion-resistant coating as proven by actual field experience. Given VW’s corporate strategy to be the global economic and environmental leader among automobile manufacturers, the Enthone presentation on the company’s ELV compliant PERMA PASS® 3300 cobalt-free, trivalent passivates in combination with a non-cyanide, alkaline ZINCROLYTE® zinc-nickel or an ENTHOBRITE® NCZ zinc provided significant interest to all participants.

Ms. Amy Tsang, Enthone Asia Technical Director, and Mr. Rex Man, Enthone Industry Marketing Manager, presented innovations in corrosion-resistant coatings that address emerging trends, issues and automotive OEM requirements. The two speakers detailed how the use of the company’s Perma SHIELDTM systems featuring a zinc-nickel or zinc process, followed by a passivate and an optional ENSEAL® sealant decrease metal and chemical consumption, increase productivity and reduce defects throughout the supply chain.

“The key objective of today’s seminar was to create value for our customers by presenting technology solutions that optimize quality, increase durability and extend product life, while meeting stringent automotive industry standards," said Mr. Gordon Tindle, Vice President - Performance Coatings, Enthone Asia. "Ms. Zhang’s presentation truly delivered the OEM voice of customer that better equipped each of us to ensure compliance with VW and other leading OEM requirements. We are grateful to all who participated.”

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