Enthone Conducts Hard Chrome Technical Training for Daimler AG and Mahle

Instruction covered the basics on hard chrome plating, including coating characteristics and plating mechanisms.

Enthone recently conducted a Plating Academy technical training session on functional hard chrome plating at the request of Daimler AG - Global Supply Chain Management (Stuttgart, Germany) and Mahle Ventiltrieb - Engine Valve Manufacturing and Material Science Division (Wölfersheim, Stuttgart, Germany). The two-day session focused on hard chrome plating of automotive engine valves and was held at Enthone’s European regional headquarters in Langenfeld, Germany. 

Specifically, the training provided basics on hard chrome plating, including coating characteristics and plating mechanisms. Key adhesion influencers such as chemistry, current and substrate were examined, along with a detailed review of commonly encountered plating defects, i.e., cause, effect, resolution. Additionally, best practices to increase plating efficiency and enhance plated part quality detailed how to further optimize hard chrome erosion, wear and corrosion performance. Finally, ANKOR® Dyne 30 MSPFOS-free chrome mist suppressant was introduced, as well an innovative process to control hydrogen in pickling processes.
“The content and the quality of this training was outstanding and outreached our high 'Daimler' expectations," said Mr. Scheufele, Daimler global supply chain manager, stated. "Good to know that Enthone is the ‘go-to guys’ for hard chrome technology.”
Training was conducted by Enthone team members Mr. Dirk Wiethölter, industry manager heavy equipment - Europe, and Mr. Henning Heimann, technical specialist – wear-resistant coatings. Mr. Bernd Jansen and Mr. Ulrich Schopp also joined the discussions and have served Mahle for over a decade in providing ANKOR® hard chrome sales and customer support to Mahle.
The Enthone Plating Academy is the company’s central training program for employees and customers to gain technical knowledge about the company’s key processes and technologies. Training modules range from obtaining a basic understanding of Enthone best-in-class processes to acquiring comprehensive, advanced training on specific troubleshooting and preventative maintenance procedures for a particular application.

Enthone conduced similar training activities in recent months.  

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