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Joe Powder Joins Metal Finishing’s Roster of ‘Ask the Experts’

Joe Powder, the powder coating expert featured in the monthly “Ask Joe Powder” section of Metal Finishing magazine, will now be available to answer reader inquiries online at Metal Finishing’s dedicated organic finishing website.

Joe Powder’s areas of expertise include: powder coating development, manufacturing, quality control, material selection, performance, coating formulation, and UV cure technology. Joe Powder, also known by his real name Kevin Biller, began his career in powder coatings in 1978 at the Glidden Paint Company. He held various technical positions during his 15 years there, including group leader–Automotive Coatings, and section leader–European Core Laboratory while he worked in Birmingham, England, for Glidden’s parent company, ICI Paints.

Biller, a 30-year veteran of the powder coating industry, also held positions with Herberts Powder Coatings, Wabash Powder Coatings, IRIS Powder Coatings, and Jamestown Powder Coatings. He also formed a consulting firm, Biller Technical Resources, Ltd., and established the Powder Coating Research Group. This R&D laboratory provides powder coating evaluation, testing, and product development.

Biller holds four U.S. patents in powder coating technology and has delivered numerous papers and written more than 50 articles on industrial coatings. In addition to being a powder coating educator, he has published a handbook, Powder Coatings: Foundation for the Novice Formulator.

Forward your questions to Joe Powder online.

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