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AESF Electroplating Course Set for October 26–29 in Warwick, R.I.

The AESF Foundation announces the last call for its Electroplating and Surface Finishing Course, scheduled to take place Oct. 26–29 at the Holiday Inn Express at 901 Jefferson Blvd. in Warwick, R.I. The deadline for registration is Monday, Oct. 19.

The AESF Foundation Electroplating and Surface Finishing Course entails two sections: Part I is tailored for beginners, while Part II targets more advanced electroplaters. Overall, this course provides a comprehensive overview of numerous plating processes and their associated sciences. Additionally, the course aims to provide a clear understanding of metal finishing technology, thereby permitting students to:

  • understand specifications
  • avoid routine finishing problems
  • evaluate product output
  • expediently resolve process difficulties

A certification exam is scheduled for October 30.

For registration information, please visit the NASF website.

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