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Dubois Chemicals Webinar Set for Dec. 17

Metal Finishing, in association with Dubois Chemicals, will present a webinar on Dec. 17, 2009. The one-hour presentation, based on an update on Dubois Chemical’s Zirconization™ technology, will focus on DuBois’ DuraTEC 110 Nonphosphate Cleaning and Pretreatment Solutions for Ferrous and Nonferrous Parts.

A brief description of the Dubois Chemicals webinar: Nonphosphate pretreatment systems are gaining broader acceptance in the marketplace. Public opinion, regulatory compliance, and environmental stewardship are moving manufacturers away from phosphate-based chemistries. Many unique nonphosphate technologies have been developed, but often actual implementation may be difficult. This webinar will help finishers understand how to apply Zirconization™ in their xisting paint pretreatment system. DuraTEC 110 is designed to run in the first stage of a conventional 3-stage washer with minimal adjustments to your operation.

This webinar will:

  • Describe the operating advances in Zirconization™ versus traditional phosphate or phosphoric acid-based technology
  • Discuss when and why you may want to switch from phosphate-based chemistry to Zirconization™
  • Discuss typical washer configurations for 3-6 stage systems using DuBois DuraTEC 100 and DuBois DuraTEC 110.

Panelists include: Richard Moore, Research Lead, Water Technologies; Bill Frisz, Research Lead, Surface Finishing; and David Schimpff, Business Segment Leader, Surface Finishing, DuBois. Ron Joseph, Metal Finishing’s Organic Editor, will moderate.

Register today to attend this informative webinar program.


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