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AESF Training Schedule Set for 2010

The AESF Council, the educational arm of the National Association for Surface Finishing, or NASF, has released is schedule of training courses for 2010.

The AESF Council’s dates for training courses in 2010 are as follows:

Jan. 20
Troubleshooting Hard Chrome
Location: Online

Feb. 11–12
Aluminum Finishing
Location: Florida

March 8–11
Electroplating & Surface Finishing
Location: Texas

March 26
Salt Fog Testing
Location: Atlanta

April 22–23
Electroless Nickel
Location: Arizona

June 14–17
Electroplating & Surface Finishing
Location: Grand Rapids, Mich., at SUR/FIN 2010

June 14–17
Location: Grand Rapids, Mich., at SUR/FIN 2010

Sept. 23–24
Environmental Stewardship, Part II: Pollution Prevention

Oct. 21–22
Hard Chrome
Location: Philadelphia, Pa.

Nov. 1–4
Electroplating & Surface Finishing
Location: Northern California

Consult the NASF website for registration details or call (202) 457-8404.

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