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Columbia Chemical Introduces the COLTEC Line of Testing Solutions for Salt Spray Corrosion Cabinets

Columbia Chemical is now offering COLTEC testing solutions for salt spray cabinets. New equipment including a state-of-the-art water deionization plant has been installed at the company’s world headquarters to manufacture COLTEC DI (deionized water) and COLTEC S-5 (5% sodium chloride solution).

“COLTEC DI is fully compliant with the ASTM D1193 type IV specification and COLTEC S-5 is fully compliant with the ISO 9227 standard. Manufacturing these products in-house allows for tighter controls on the quality of the products along with a more cost-effective option for both Columbia Chemical and our customers with their own salt spray corrosion testing cabinets,” stated Pete Grasson, Plant Manager, who worked closely with the vendor to engineer and install the new equipment.

For more information, contact Columbia Chemical Corporation, 1000 Western Drive, Brunswick, OH 44212, 330-225-3200, Columbia Chemical is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of zinc and zinc-alloy plating additives.


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