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2010 Bright Design Challenge Kicks Off

The National Association for Surface Finishing, or NASF, in cooperation with the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Mich., recently kicked off the 11th Annual Bright Design Challenge.

The 2010 Bright Design Challenge competition promises to be exciting and the best one ever, the association said. Fifteen students will participate in LOUD PIPES AND CHROME. “The challenge" to this year's participants is to design a 2015 Harley-Davidson concept motorcycle that captures the spirit of today's youth.

The key design influences include:

  • "Naked" air-cooled, V-Twin Engine
  • No Radiator
  •  "Naked" Exhaust
  • Belt Driven

The designs can be customized according the ideas of each student and must include chrome and other electroplated finishes.


How can you participate? By becoming a Bright Design Challenge Sponsor. Your investment will be used to fund the scholarships which are applied directly to students’ tuition and administered by CCS.

There are various sponsorship levels offered:

GOLD ($5,000)

  • Provided with copies of the digital artwork to utilize the designs from the annual competition for their own promotional or communication purposes
  • Will receive a copy of the final CD/DVD of work upon conclusion of the event
  • Mention in the Plating & Surface Finishing Journal—the official magazine of the NASF—a minimum of three times
  • Listed as Gold Sponsor on NASF website

SILVER ($2,500)

  • Provided with copies of the digital artwork to utilize the designs from the annual competition for their own promotional or communication purposes upon request.
  • Mention in Plating & Surface Finishing Journal minimum of three times
  • Listed as Silver Sponsor on NASF website

BRONZE ($1,000)

  • Mention in Plating & Surface Finishing Journal a minimum of three times
  • Listed as Bronze Sponsor on NASF website

GENERAL ($500)

  • Listed as General Sponsor on NASF website

NASF will acknowledge all sponsors in Plating & Surface Finishing Journal at least times throughout the Bright Design Challenge 2010 process. We will list all sponsors on the NASF website. In addition, as the Bright Design Challenge is promoted at various NASF events, all sponsors will be listed in the promotional materials. NASF also welcomes all individuals and companies that would like to make a donation to the Bright Design Challenge.

All sponsors will be recognized in various print and digital material of the NASF and invited to participate in the following events held in Detroit:*

  • Project Launch Event
  • Appreciation Reception
  • Final Judging Ceremony
  • Award Presentation

The 2010 Bright Design Challenge Sponsors are as follows:


Coventya, Inc.
KCH Engineered Systems
Kuntz Electroplating
Vale Inco

Uyemura International Corp.


The Bright Design Challenge was created to help promote electroplated bright and alternative finishes in various industries and to educate future designers on the processes responsible for creating the look, feel, and performance of these finishes. The program, which is done in a competitive and spirited fashion and has become an exciting part of the Transportation Design curriculum at the College for Creative Studies, has grown since its inception as a small extracurricular project in 1999 to become a well recognized and publicized industry and scholastic event that it is today.

The comeback of chrome and bright finishes in the automotive industry has been well publicized in recent years and the evidence is clear – consumers continue to request chrome and bright options on their vehicles at a record pace not seen since the 1960’s.  It is said that chrome and other alternative finishes such as Midnight Chrome styling give their vehicles a “classy, luxurious feel” as well as added resale value. However, aesthetics often overshadow the other proven advantages of electroplating process: unparalleled corrosion protection, durability, and recyclability.

Even though the popularity of bright finishes continues to grow, a need exists to promote and protect these products and processes to ensure the future viability of our industry. To that end, the Bright Design Challenge is targeting expansion coast-to-coast to reach different markets and customers by creating new challenges at other learning institutions. The Bright Design Challenge may also target other industries that feature the same kinds of finishes such as the motorcycle, marine, and aerospace industries.

Many students have graduated from the College and the Bright Design Challenge project to go on to become lead designers and stylists for major automotive companies. The influence of the project on their designs has been seen on concept vehicles they have created and some that have even been featured at the North American International Auto Show.

For more information, contact Cheryl Clark at 202-457-8404, ext. 213 or via e-mail at

*Dates to be determined

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