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Cleveland Coatings Society Sets Agenda for May Conference

The Cleveland Coatings Society has set the program agenda for the 2010 ‘Sink or Swim Symposium,’ slated for May 18–19 at the University of Akron in Ohio.

The Cleveland Coatings Society Symposium will feature two keynote speakers and one invited lecture. Details are as follows:

  • Dr. Rudolph G. Buchheit, The Ohio State University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, will present “Predicting Long-term Coatings System Performance Using Neural Network Model and Sensitive Short-term Coating Measurement.”
  • Dr. John Tsavalas, the University of New Hampshire, Polymer Research Group, will present “Structural Evolution of Composite Latex Particles During Starve-Fed Emulsion Polymerization: Modeling and Experiments for Kinetically Frozen Morphologies.”
  • Dr. A. S. Khanna, Indian Institute of Technology, will present “Development of High Performance Waterborne Coatings using Sol-gel route and Dispersion of Nano-additives.”

In addition to the Exhibitor Showcase on May 18, and the full two-day conference agenda entailing 40 presentations, the Cleveland Coatings Society keynote speakers will also lead two workshops:

  • “Application of Neural Network Methods for Analyzing, Understanding and Forecasting Corrosion and Corrosion Protection,” by Dr. Buchheit
  • “Latex-Based Waterbourne Coatings: Insights into Emulsion Polymerization and Latex Film Formation,” by Dr. Tsavalas

The 2010 Cleveland Coatings Society symposium will focus on a wide array of coating technologies. Among the primary topics:

  • Nano coatings
  • “Green” sustainable technologies
  • Raw materials, surfactants, and additives
  • Application methods & equipment
  • Coating industry trends
  • Pigment dispersions
  • Aerospace coatings
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Architectural & marine coatings
  • Emulsion polymerization/polymers
  • New polymer technologies
  • Automotive OE & VR coatings
  • VOC/HAPs/RoHS issues
  • Analysis and characterization
  • Process and manufacturing
  • Color technology
  • Wood coatings

A conference agenda and registration form is available for download online. For general information regarding registration, please contact Kathy Hogan at (440) 526-3685 or

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