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Boeing Corporation Readies GOL Airplane with Chrome-Free Paint

Boeing Corporation recently prepared a new GOL Airlines 737-800 for Boeing’s first-ever application of a chrome-free primer to a single-aisle airplane bound for revenue service.

As part of Boeing’s life-cycle approach to reducing environmental impact, and in response to requests from GOL (a Brazilian carrier) and other customers, Boeing has introduced a chrome-free primer to complement chrome-free exterior decorative paint, which Boeing has used for more than a decade. (Hexavalent chrome is considered a carcinogen and exposure levels are highly regulated.) In addition to simplified health and safety monitoring requirements, a chrome-free primer reduces the environmental impact of the paint and stripping process, Boeing said. Using a chrome-free primer eliminates the need for designated off-site disposal areas and special handling of paint waste and clean-up. Such advantages also are of benefit when the airplane is prepared for repainting.

Boeing will apply the chrome-free paint and primer on its models for in-service evaluation, with the intention of making it a standard option in the future. Sao Paulo-based GOL is the first airline in the Americas and the first 737 operator to take part in the evaluation program. Last August, a KLM 777-300 ER received a similar treatment, which also has been used on the AH-64 Apache for several years.

GOL, which also controls the VARIG brand, is Latin America’s largest low-cost, low-fare carrier, offering more than 860 daily flights to 50 destinations connecting all of Brazil’s major cities, plus 10 major destinations in South America and the Caribbean. The airline operates a standardized fleet of Boeing Next-Generation 737 airplanes.

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